Aisling Duval Needs Your Help Securing Future for Refugees


Between the efforts of Aisling’s Angels’ slave rehabilitation and refugees seeking shelter from their war-torn homes, many star-systems in Aisling’s space have seen a large influx of new citizenship. This has caused many amenities, such as food cartridges and clothing, to be in extremely high demand. The Mayor of Medupe City responded to the concerns of the citizens by releasing the following statement.

“I understand the many concerns regarding the new refugees affecting the prices for basic goods and causing them to spike upwards in recent months, and I plan on responding appropriately. We are currently in talks with Aisling Duval and her Angels to organize a large-scale humanitarian aid campaign to properly provide for all the citizens of her spaceways. This would not only include food and clothing, but proper terraforming equipment and farming equipment to help all the new citizens become self-sustaining. A wise man once said: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.””

Aisling’s Angels are spearheading the effort, and although nothing is set in stone, they hope to start the campaign within the next few week. The Angels are calling upon all supporters of Princess Aisling Duval to assist in their efforts in any way they can.

  • Originally published June 24th 3301

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