Aisling Receives Overwhelming Support


In a report titled “The Weekly Powerplay Activity Analysis”, CMDR Cadoc announced that this week, Aisling Duval set a record with 1,069,879 support points. The “support points” he refers to is an artificial value comprising of all merit activity performed by commanders, and is meant to show the amount of support a given power receives from its pledged pilots. AIsling Duval is the first to break one million support points, being followed by Arissa’s 893,286 support points gathered this week.

In an interview, CMDR Cadoc stated: “Aisling Duval broke the 1 million Powerplay actions barrier this Cycle. Congratulations! This Power continues to benefit from very low levels of hostile action in her space, and continuously expands as quickly as possible – with a few exceptions. The Expansion into Ax Yac Baru has been stopped, just like last Cycle, presumably mostly by Winters’ pilots. Despite that, Aisling continues to rapidly grow stronger, and has recently gained another player group, the 13th Legion. The surprising drop in rankings this week is certainly only temporary, and she will end up in the top 2 before long.”

A hearty congratulations is being sent out to all followers of the People’s Princess for this remarkable milestone, and are encouraged to keep up the good work!

  • Originally published July 17th 3301

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