Aisling’s Angels Take Forward Bases


Aisling media declares good news, makes light of some bad, and takes issue with something…

Representatives of The People’s Media, supportive of Aisling but not her official outlet, released the following press anouncement, read by Baroness Straylight0;

“Last week two valuable systems close to Federal territory and at a considerable distance from ours, Kwatsu and Kalana, declared their support for Princess Aisling. The people of Sounti are also clamouring to be part of our movement. The tide of love for the Princess is unstoppable, even if its very power makes it hard to channel sometimes. People want someone who is both virtuous and strong.

“Despite what you may have read about the Rishair situation, we were not asked to comment before. We do not begrudge Emperor’s Grace having something to crow over, especially after they [Emperor’s Grace] asked us so nicely to leave Rishair alone, and also considering they would have preferred to keep it under their exclusive control. Frankly, they need good news more than we do.

“What we DO begrudge is the use of the term BBH, which we shall not spell out. We are sure that Patreus would not tolerate such disrespect to a member of the Royal Family, but whoever authorised it should bear in mind there are three female Senators ranked above their faction. We have no ill will towards Patreus, we are sure he will make someone a good and dutiful husband one day.”

  • Originally published July 5th 3301

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