Attack on Terrorism Victorious for Aisling’s Angels

june20In response to this weeks acts of terror in the Cubeo system, CMDRs Johnny Gamma, Straylight0, and Derrida launched an assault on a major Code recruitment camp in the Lave and Diso systems on the 19th of June. The brave warriors were met with several dangerous pirates including TC McQueen, Majinvash, and a third unidentified. The party of Aisling Angels were forced to retreat after a series of technical difficulties.

The battle continued however in the outskirts of Delaine space. Hundreds of Kumo Crew transports and patrols were eliminated and many prisoners of war freed. The crushing defeat of Delaine supporters in some systems sparked liberation riots and the Kumo Crew were forced to abandon their attempts to expand.

The outlying systems have since been occupied by Imperial forces attempting to reestablish a proper defense should the terrorists return.

Originally published June 20th 3301

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