Felicia Winters Declares de Jure War Over Kwatsu System

june25At approximately 18:00 UTC, Felicia Winters, current Shadow President of The Federation, declared open war upon Aisling Duval for the expansion of Kwatsu and Kalana.

Kwatsu and Kalana were recently taken by Aisling’s followers in order to secure more valuable trade routes within her spaceways. The Federation deems the systems part of their land and released the following statement.

“It seems like a large part of Aisling’s followers doesn’t wish to engage in a friendly relationship with us and have decided to aggress on us.”

Tensions are high and has already lead to the undermining of the systems at the time of this writing. Aisling’s Angels and her many other followers are encouraged to secure these systems by driving the Federation out by any means necessary. The leader of one of Felicia’s followings met with Aisling’s Angels last week, however this week they went on to say: “I showed poor judgement when I reached out to Aisling Duval. It seems like an imperial is an imperial, no matter how many slaves said imperial is selling. It has been well known for some time that Sounti is a place of interest for Winters and trying to expand imperial influence to the system is an act of war.”

While many of us dislike The Federation deeply, few want an all-out war with them. Many are Hopeful our skilled diplomats can smooth the whole situation over before it gets out of hand.

  • Originally published June 25th 3301

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