Jeff Ryan Exiled? You Heard It First on The People’s Media


Princess Aisling Duval’s counsellor Count Jeffrey Alexander Ryan has reportedly been exiled earlier today. The Count, who has spoken to Galnet in the past, was rumoured to be a close advisor and a member of Princess Duval’s High Council.

Unusually the Princess has commented on the alleged exile, ‘Count Ryan is a good and close friend, any research into his past would show that he’s also an accomplished explorer doing what many of us would not. Taking his ship and pointing it towards a distant star in search of what’s out there beyond our borders. He has been of invaluable help to me and my cause but it was clear to all of us he needed once more to see where most of us dare not go. When he returns he is obviously once more welcome into my company and my Council. I wish him the best of luck and safe passage on his journey.’

Sources close to the Princess however claim that Count Ryan was seen to be arguing with the Princess not a day before his supposed exile. What is clear is his exploration fitted Asp is no longer in dock at Medupe. The cause of contention is unknown. Unusually he is reported to have had all badges and markings removed from his Asp, the most notable one being that of a Founder of the Elite Federation of Pilots.

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