King Von Shadow Addresses Frontier Pilots from Cubeo

june21A Very Cloudy Issue

Many people have been asking for or seeking the services of, to borrow an old Earth phrase, a “window cleaner” in order to sort the scuffing and smearing that travelling the length and breadth of the galaxy causes to our canopies.

The problem is, the Visual Barrier Enhancement and Repairers Guild, ever since the introduction of the Visual Assistance Limited Liability Act (VALLA) 2956, have refused to deal with “Independent” Commanders…

Section 7, Sub-section 5, paragraph 16 states:
“The limitation of liability contained in paragraph 7.5.5 shall apply to the fullest extent permissible in law, both Federal and Imperial, and shall indemnify the Commander, their directors, employees and agents in relation to the work requested.”

Section 7, Sub-section 5, paragraph 5 states:
7.7.5 These Terms and Conditions restrict Commander’s liability for:
(a) Fraud;
(b) Death or personal injury caused by its negligence, intentional or willful act;
(c) Damage to real or tangible personal property caused by its negligence or intentional or willful misconduct; or
(d) Any breach of obligations under these Terms and Conditions in respect of confidentiality and property; or
(e) Any other liability that cannot be excluded by law.

I remember a case that made big news on Galnet back in the mid 2940’s; Krardblagh vs Cmdr Darkblaster, where it was alleged that the Commander supplied the technician with the wrong kind of AV suit and the poor soul became detached and floated off into the black. It was also reported at the time that the Cmdr in question easily had the means to have scooped the poor unfortunate up before he was lost to the background sensor noise but failed to act.

His family sued the Commander but they just got entangled in complex litigation for months and ended up as Imperial Slaves…. last I saw they were headed out to the frontier … I can’t imagine it went well for them.

So if you see Krardblagh’s family on your travels in the darker regions of the Empire, spare a thought for those like them who were just trying to seek justice for a genuine wrong done to their husband and father through no fault of their own ending up encumbered with hundreds of thousands of Credits and having to sell their own bodies into Slavery.

While you might think that saving a Credit here and there maximises your profits, can it or should it be at any cost? Are we no better today than we were in the times of our forefathers? Do we hide in plain sight that one form of slavery is somehow “better” just because it can be referred to under peaceful sounding easy euphemisms like ‘indentured servitude’?
In this day, we have grown greedy in the pursuit of profit. While the morality of our souls has become bankrupt. This shall not stand.

As a loyal citizen to Princess Aisling, I am personally extending an invitation to Commanders patrolling around the frontier to check the slave markets to try and provide information on this poor family. All information which aids in locating the Krardblagh family will be gratefully received.
It is hoped that we can put an end to the long standing injustice of these people and bring them home. We shall be seeking an audience with the Princess in order to put a motion to the Imperial Senate in her name to repeal the VALLA law as soon as possible in order to open negotiations with the Guild again so that we might once again enjoy a view devoid of smears and stains.

Long Live the Emperor. Bask in his Greatness

King von Shadow (aka Cmdr highlightshadow)
Medusa City, Cubeo System

Originally published June 21st 3301

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