New military branch formed for followers of Aisling Duval.


Aisling’s 13th Legion has been formed by a group of commanders looking to have a more formal military force, while still keeping a relaxed and open feel. They are welcoming any and all commanders who wish to fight for the people’s princess, stating that skill and rank is not what matters, just the defense of our lands.

They have a formal wing design based on the highly successful Ancient Roman legions, however you do not have to join the wings to be in the group, as they are recruiting scouts and explorers as well. If you are looking to do some fighting in Aisling’s name, but do not know the best way to help then look no further! They will be meeting on Saturdays and Wednesdays for training and large-scale missions, but smaller, more spur-of-the-moment missions will occur on the days in between. There will be posted active missions, updated at least once a day, that you can use to decide your next move.

Their main goal is to bring together commanders who would otherwise work alone, to fight in the name of Princess Aisling Duval “Our mission is to form a large force capable of acting and reacting against any faction that poses a threat to our princess and her subjects. We welcome applications from any commander of any ability and experience who has what it takes to fight back against the most feared factions and groups in the galaxy.” The 13th Legion will not be exclusive, you may join, or already be a member of, any group you wish.

“We hope to see you soon! Fly safe commanders!” – Legate Cmdr Andariel

  • Originally published June 28th 3301

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