Reign of Annihilation Murders Reporter – Ladd Takes Action


This is Alicia Mellor with terrible news today. The leaders of the questionable faction “Reign of Annihilation” murdered on of our own reporters earlier this evening. Shortly after our reporter, CMDR [CENSORED] made contact with CMDRs ASHESOFHEGEMONY and LOCOTE they invited him to tag along on an assignment. Recognizing that CMDR [CENSORED] was pledged to the Princess and her top media organization they assaulted him, destroying him and his TPM loaned news vessel. Jesse Ladd had this to say:

“The Reign of Annihilation claim to be friends of Aisling Duval and her representatives, namely the 13th Legion, but their intentions are clear, to create chaos in the Empire! I will not stand by while my own men I pledged to protect are murdered by cowardly criminal families!”

As the new head of security for The People’s Media, Jesse Ladd demanded access to funds for a space enforcement navy consisting of several dozen Viper spacecraft. Until his demands are granted, Jessie insisted he kick-start his own fleet using private funds. The vessels are currently receiving an official The People’s Media paint jobs before being launched into space to serve Cubeo space.

Some have questioned if this is an appropriate move for the news studio.

“I have not broken any rules as we are simply exercising our right to private security contracts. I am contracted and this fleet is my own.” -Jessie Ladd

  • Originally published July 21st 3301

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