Reign of Annihiliation – Dark Black Ops or Worst Nightmare?


Alicia Mellor reporting to you live! Princess Aisling Duval has gathered a new group of CMDRs fighting under her banner. The “Reign of Annihilation” (or the “Aisling’s Reapers” or “Deathwing Squadron”) claim to be a part of the Royal Task Force 5341 as a secretive organization that has, until recently, been privately funded under the black seal of the Duval family. But who are they really? In various media outlets, members alleged to represent and work with this task force have questioned their own leadership and its allegiance.

“Your silence says to us that you are requesting our presence, we will be happy to ‘entertain’ you, if that’s the path your leadership so chooses…” said one commander.
“I suspect we’ll be having a more respectful conversation soon…. See you around ‘leader’.”
“I have specific names of the members from ROA that ENGAGED US in 34 Pegasi, I’m extremely displeased that such misinformation would be spread. We were engaged by people from and in support of ROA, to which we responded in defense of our members. The Arissa (ALD) pledged pilots where told to stand down, but continued to fight and interdicted us.”
“Come fly with Reign of Annihilation man. All about the splosions and glory.”

Are the quotes above a theme of how this squadron interact with their allies, diplomats, and squadron commanders? Is this their idea of diplomacy? By flying under Princess Aisling’s banner they also represent the rest of her supporter’s families when in contact with other powers, factions, and squadrons.

Is this really the type of “black-ops” organization we want representing us? Is the Reign of Annihilation favorable for the image of Aisling Duval?

The People’s Media thinks not.

  • Originally published July 20th 3301

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