Ryan Supports Peace; Treaty Not Widely Accepted By Pilots


Princess Aisling’s supporter Count Jeffrey Alexander spoke for a full hour today at Smoot Station on Chona. The speech was made principally to the Thirteenth Legion in support of Commander Andariel’s peace treaty with at least one faction in support of the Federation’s Shadow President Felicia Winters. It was also broadcast throughout Aisling controlled space in an effort to have the agreement gain more widespread support with all factions supporting Princess Aisling Duval. ‘We stand for a cleaner more moral government in the Empire,’ proclaimed the Count. ‘Felicia Winters stands for cleaner more moral Federation.’

‘Petty concerns drive our factions to open conflict with one another, but a moment’s reflection on the issues at hand makes it clear our Princess and the Federation’s Shadow President have more in common than differences that separate us. Let us remember there are pirates, slavers, criminals out there who warrant our wrath more than a woman who stands for helping those at the bottom of her own society. As we stand for helping those who deserve more in ours.’

The speech was well received within the Thirteenth Legion, but it’s understood that on a wider basis not all share the Count’s opinion. An opinion poll conducted shortly after the speech showed that most followers of Aisling Duval agreed with the sentiment, but a sizable faction did not. As one Commander reported, ‘The only good Fed is a Dead Fed’.

  • Originally Published July 11th 3301

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