Sizeable Donation by Anonymous Source; A Huge Blessing


The People’s Media is very thankful for it’s recent contributers. Your support has made this establishment possible. As a new and vocal studio dedicated to supporting Aisling Duval’s vision for the future of the Empire, The People’s Media will deepen it’s roots into the local system before branching out into the stars beyond.

A sizable donation was received this morning with the intent of establishing a reliable security network and private police force in Cubeo space. Any ship with The People’s Media markings are allies to Aisling Duval and her independent pilots.

Additionally, the donation will cover the expenses of a private university for training TPM personnel and enforcers. A full program will be dedicated to equipping pilots with the combat training necessary for addressing domestic threats.

“The People’s Media will grow it’s teeth to match it’s bark! The participants in the recent Cubeo space terrors have reason to fear us!”

The studio will continue to bring local news to the Empire. Great is the Emperor. All hail the Emperor. Bask in his greatness!

  • Originally published June 22nd 3301

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