The People’s Media Quan-Tech Security Network in Effect

june29One week ago, the media center was gifted a generous sum of credits to strengthen it’s defense. This fund was partially invested in a Quan-Tech Security system that will protect the structures, programs, networks, and affiliated assets.
The donation is also covering The People’s Media’s effort to assemble a private police force for Cubeo space. Several contracts have been considered with various markings and backgrounds but the center expects to have it’s own vessels fighting for Aisling Duval in the near future.

“What we need is a qualified head for our security department. Someone who is fearless and isn’t afraid to sink his teeth in the terrorists that dance around our homes!” -CEO Kevin Massey

The People’s Media is also building a a private university for training TPM personnel and enforcers. A full program will be dedicated to equipping pilots with the combat training necessary for addressing domestic threats.

“You can always count on us to bring you reliable news for Cubeo space. We are the voice of the Empire and the stars beyond. All hail the Emperor! Bask in his Greatness!” -CEO Kevin Massey

  • Originally published June 29th 3301

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