War Hero Jesse Ladd Head of Security for the People’s Media


The People’s Media center is excited to announce that it’s Quan-Tech Security System is fully operational and is protecting the structures, programs, networks, and affiliated assets. Jesse Ladd accepted his position as Head of TPM Security, a position CEO and Founder Kevin Massey stressed is a top priority in the battle against the terrorists that attack the Cubeo system.

Jesse Ladd was the Chief of Security on an independent station in Forculus, a system initially known for it’s chaos. “Irrational Exuberance was my home. I did not approve of the anarchist activities that flooded its gates day after day. I cleared out the criminal organizations and eliminated the black market. Forculus is on the road to stability because of my efforts to enforce my party laws.” -Ladd

The hero outlined some of his programs to structure his own private police force that will soon protect Cubeo space. The combat vessels will be owned by The People’s Media and it’s pilots trained by it’s own private university. Ladd will be overseeing those programs as well. “There is no way to be partially secured. Either you are secured in full or you are open to the devious attacks of those who wish ill. I will not allow such attacks so long as I am given the power to enforce.” -Ladd

  • Originally published July 9 3301

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