Winters Call For Peace Accepted; Arissa Calls For Help


After much deliberation and extensive talks with many commanders in Winters’ space, Legate Andariel of the 13th Legion has signed a truce with Felicia Winters in the hopes that it will allow the 13th to focus its war efforts towards the weakening, and ultimate destruction, of Archon Delaine.

With the ending of the war against Winters, The 13th Legion will be able to join alongside Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Denton Patreus, who are conducting operations “Charybdis” and “Davy Jones”. The 13th Legion are officially calling their operations in Delaine’s space “Operation Scuta” and are calling all supporters of The People’s Princess to take up arms in this war.

“Archon Delaine’s unethical operations and way of life have not gone un-noticed by the Empire, and it is time for him to pay the price. We will not rest until Delaine hangs in Achenar Square”

  • Originally published July 10th 3301

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