TPM Investigative Report Survives Attack – Part 2 Special

aug1Now why is there so much confusion about the supposed murder of our reporter? Our last correspondence with reporter [CENSORED] before he went missing was ‘Arrived in system.’ Four hours after we received this message from AshesofHegemony about our pilot’s murder.

“Well, finding us shouldn’t be too hard, I’m pretty sure we’ve already made that public…we had a chat with your friend. Didn’t go too well for him, might have been an unfortunate casualty since we were in the midst [of combat]…. We kinda blew him up… because he said you sent him to spy on us. Unfortunately for him, we were in suspicious from the start due to ‘odd’ timing involved with ‘friending’ and following us into combat without much knowledge of his intentions. Not very smart my friend [The People’s Media]. I’ll make it simple though….We’re in Kelin Samba….Get on our bad side, and you’ll be on the all of Aisling Duval’s kill lists….But we prefer to keep those private because we like the pews. Come visit us sometime. Toodles.”

AshesofHegemony claimed to have ‘blown him up.’ This was the cause for dismay, mourning, and responses from TPM. AshesofHegemony has not been too forthright in his integrity on other issues as well. He has claimed numerous times to have attacked Princess Arissa Lavigny­Duval’s pilots with ‘cheers from the 13th!’ being blasted over the communications channels.

Needless to say, the 13th Legion, headed by the faithful and diplomatic CMDR Andariel never made claims of AhsesofHegemony nor his “Reign of Annihilation” being associated with him. In fact he has stated the opposite. His integrity and honor are unmistakable and almost infallible.

And the story becomes more interesting after reviewing the logs from our reporter, [CENSORED]. The following are correspondence from CMDR AshesofHegemony to our intrepid investigator:

From: AshesOfHegemony

“You may have had the misfortune of attempting to join us in a time of direct combat, this is a mindset we are interested in, but lack of known intentions and history involving your previous allies and the timing of you directly ‘friending’ some of our pilots, we became immediately suspicious. Notably, you mentioned that you had been sent to attack us. Due to timing of impending combat and immediate suspicion of spies attempting to lure individuals into combat, one system away, our members as well as our allies agreed upon our suspicions of your intentions.

Unfortunately, because of these events, our members have agreed it would not be wise for us to fly together. We will pursue you no further, and if your intentions were naturally good from the start, we apologize for destroying you. We only meant to protect our own members from the possibility of perceived suspicions. If you are interested in flying with another organized pilot group in Aisling’s faction, I would recommend to you Aisling’s Angels.

Also please note, this was not some cruel joke, or some means for us to get enjoyment over harassing you. I personally, was against engaging you. If you remember I had you go into the system we were about to attack as a “scout.” If you had been blown up we would have known immediately that you where not a spy, and i would have been willing to reimburse you many times over if you survived. This was a mutual agreement among our members to engage you because of the manner in which you approached our organization, and the combat that was about to take place.”

Again they are claiming to have at least destroyed reporter [CENSORED] while piloting the loaned Viper Interestingly enough, this same Viper is docked at Smoot Station now with only minor burns to the armor.

Stay tuned for our interview with our reporter, his personal accounts of this harrowing adventure, and the TRUTH of what exactly happened.

  • Originally published August 1st 3301

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