A Treaty in Tatters: Aisling and Winters Prepare for War


Legate Andariel, of Aisling’s 13th Legion, has officially ended the cease-fire treaty held between The 13th Legion and Winters’ Wolves. After a large number of reports of Winters’ supporters undermining Aisling’s control systems, the Legate made the decision to dissolve the treaty. A press conference was held aboard Smoot Station in Chona where Andariel explained his position.

“It has become apparent that Winters’ Wolves, while claiming to follow the treaty, have done no such thing. I have received many reports of Winters’ supporters, some of them well known Wolves, undermining our control systems.

I cannot stand by while Winters undermines all that we have worked for in the name of Aisling Duval, doing so would make the 13th Legion appear weak.”

Whilst no names have been disclosed, it is clear that these breaches of the treaty are unacceptable. The treaty was originally signed on July 17th, 3301 to allow the 13th to focus on the Imperial offensive against Archon Delaine with mixed responses from other Aisling factions. With Delaine’s forces all but melting away, it has been speculated that the 13th Legion is using false-flagging tactics to get the treaty removed so they can resume hostilities with Winters.

“Treachery is to be expected from Imperials. Will any of them ever prove this statement wrong? Not Legate Andariel apparently.”

  • Originally published July 31st 3301

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