Empire Mourns For Emperor Hengist Duval – Andariel Comments


As I am sure you are all aware, Emperor Hengist Duval was attacked during his own wedding. The unnamed assailant was reportedly killed as the Emperor was rushed off to the Imperial Naval Medical Facility. He died en route at the age of 118.

Shortly after the incident, I met with Princess Aisling Duval for a private meeting. We talked for a few hours, and she was understandably distraught over the whole situation. One of the many questions she had for me is one I wish to answer to all of you: No, I did not have anything to do with the attack on Hengist, I consider the very accusation to be an affront to my honor.

There have been rumors that the attack was carried out by a high-ranking official belonging to Senator Denton Patreus’ party attending the wedding. I am asking you all to avoid running into Patreus space, guns blazing until this is investigated further. Something about the whole situation doesn’t sit right with me.

It should be obvious to you all that Aisling did not have anything to do with the attack, and in light of the situation, I am going to investigate the matter separately from Senator Blaine. If anyone has any information on the matter, please report it directly to me.

I am sure I speak for not only the 13th Legion, but the entire Empire when I say our thoughts are with the Duval family as they struggle through these rough times. August 5th, 3301 is a day that will no doubt live in infamy.

-Legate Andariel Valaquenta, Aisling’s 13th Legion

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