Investigative Reporter Survives Attack by Reign of Annihilation – Part 1 Special


This is Alicia Mellor sending you the earliest news of Cubeo Space!

Earlier today, a lone Viper with some carbon scoring limped it’s way back to Smoot Station, Chona. After the pilot’s craft came to a landing he burst out smiling as he delivered the words ‘Sorry guys it took so long! These don’t exactly have the best jump ranges! Did you get my transcripts?’ The pilot was the missing TPM reporter who was reported killed in action.

We actually never got his messages. We received someone else’s though, and responded accordingly.

As the Empire is aware, The People’s Media made reports of an investigative reporter being gunned down by The Reign of Annihilation. Surprisingly the reporter was reported dead from an attack by ROA leader CMDR AshesOfHegemony himself. But now having our gallant reporter return with his journal, and the black box from the Viper itself, we now have a contradicting story.

Our investigative reporter invited AshesofHegemony and other members of the Reign of Annihilation to his social communications channel. He wanted to chat with them, locate their positions, and get to know them better. This is a standard pilot’s greeting, and because of our reporter’s generally good natured attitude he has built friendships with members of organizations throughout Imperial space.

And according to our reporter, he had chatted with them for quite some time over voice communications after the chat messages stopped transcribing. This time was verified to be over an hour, thanks to the flight logs.

The last message send to the viper read, ‘Do you want to help us deliver medical supplies?’ Shortly after, CMDR AshesOfHegemony claimed he was having ‘wing issues’ and disconnected our investigator from the flight group. The ROA leader then interdicted the TPM reporter and attacked with lethal force. The viper logs confirm two Fer-de-Lance luxury warships attacking our valiant pilot. One belonged to the ROA leader, the other, CMDR Locote, a known member of ROA.

Our pilot fled the scene with full power to shields, never deploying his hard-points. Roughly 30 seconds later there is a message saying “bye!” and both FDLs listed on the logs. Our pilot had lost less than a third of his viper’s shield and had deployed countermeasures to escape the attack.

After a standard 5-Random-System-Jump, the investigative reporter sent a message to the attackers.

“why did you fire on me? TELL ME!”
(No Response)

After this it is recorded his journey home was without further incident, taking a long time to travel due to the ships inherent flaws in jump range.

Stay tuned for further articles on this valiant effort by our intrepid reporter! This is Alicia Mellor reporting to you live from Smoot Station, Chona.

  • Originally published July 29th 3301

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