Jesse Ladd’s Private Fleet Implemented Into TPM


Security Head Jesse Ladd made the demand for the purchase of several dozen Faulcon deLacy Viper MK III fighters earlier this week. Although the demand has yet to be met, TPM leaders agreed to implement his private navy of brand new vipers into the Quan-Tech security network. The vipers are recognized as one of the most successful and cost effective fighter classes ever built, an attractive point for the studio’s defense.

Thirty-five purchased vipers were painted with the trademark of the TPM yesterday, officially becoming the kick-start of Ladd’s defensive fleet.

“I realize there are concerns about my aggressive measurers for our local defense. These vipers will accompany our reporter shuttles so that we won’t have any further incidents like the one that took the life of our brave [CENSORED]. Kevin Massey is the voice of the Empire. I am his armor.”

Ladd continued to defend his actions despite critics suggesting the move was motivated by a militaristic agenda for The People’s Media.

“These accusations are absurd. I am a citizen of the Empire and have the right to build my own fleet. My contract with the studio allows me to dedicate my fleet to any cause I like. I will defend The People’s Media as though it were my own life.” – Jesse Ladd

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