13th Legion Blockades Hudson Capitol System


In response to repeated unwarranted attacks by Hudson CMDR’s in Aisling systems, the 13th Legion sent an armada of over three full wings to the Hudson capitol system of Nanomam.

The operation was purposefully leaked by combat operations commander, CMDR Nightshady, as a challenge to Hudson pilots to see if they could dislodge the blockade.

The 13th Legion proved to be an immovable object, as the one organized attempt of the Hudson pilots to vanquish the attackers resulted in the destruction of their flagship Anaconda and severe damage to the other Hudson ships which were forced to flee.

The 13th Legion racked up over a dozen CMDR kills, with an equal number of severely damaged enemies while suffering zero losses.

With their successes in Lembava and now Nanomam, the 13th Legion is proving itself to be the true Sword of the People’s Princess.

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