13th Legion Blockades Lembava – Nightshady Comments


After a 13th Legion pilot in a trading vessel was attacked and destroyed in the Lembava system under the control of Li Yong-Rui, skirmishes broke out between forces loyal to Li Yong-Rui and the 13th Legion. The battles even brought the 13th Legion Combat Operations Commander, CMDR Nightshady, to the region.

“I received a distress call that our forces were engaged after one of our non-combat vessels was destroyed. Although my pilots had things well under control without me, I arrived and a blockade of the entire system was enforced under the control of the 13th Legion.”

The 13th Legion decimated their attackers, destroying 10-12 ships while suffering no losses. Non-combat vessels were spared and asked to leave the area for their own safety. Having so quickly made their point, the 13th Legion withdrew after less than twenty-four hours.

Some on the Imperial High Council have been unsettled by the ferocity of the response. When asked about the heavy-handed reaction, CMDR Nightshady responded: “The 13th Legion will not tolerate unwarranted aggression against our members, or members of the Prismatic Imperium and The People’s Media. Such aggression will result in swift and lethal justice.”

  • Originally published September 27th 3301

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