6 Month Anniversary for The People’s Media

The People’s Media, a political activist center dedicated to promoting Princess Aisling Duval’s vision for the Empire is celebrating its first six months of establishment. The organization is responsible for a large portion of Aisling’s media materials and is competing to be the largest news network in Cubeo Space.

The media center may be young but it has proven to be resourceful with its impact across civilization. Lord Corwin Ryan built the foundation of the Prismatic Imperium Party with TPM publishing, his political movement dominating other Imperial powers. TPM influence is also strongly recognized by its more militaristic branch, The 13th Legion, headed by CMDR Andariel, a major contributor to the network.

As of present, TPM serves as one of the three major pillars in the Prismatic Imperium, representing the strength of the mind and its awareness. It provides intelligence via the Quan-Tech Security Network and arms the masses with the tools to eliminate political and cultural ignorance.

‘We are The People’s Media, your voice in the Empire and the stars beyond. We defend the Prismatic Imperium with information, and if need be, with the sword of The 13th Legion.’ -CMDR Kevin Massey

  • Originally published September 30th 3301

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