A Family Divided – CMDR Highlightshadow Left Cubeo For Good?


Following on from the personal call for assistance to try and locate Krardblagh and his family several leads were provided by commanders patrolling around the frontier.
Those leads led the investigation to the Prism system, the home of the recently abducted Senator Loren.
In the weeks following the mysterious events surrounding her absence the conditions of the workforce working the tantalum mines has gone back and more to the state they were in before the events surrounding Senator Loren’s rise to prominence.

Fortunately most of the slave records were still in tact and it was discovered that Krardblagh himself was sent to work in the mines. His wife and sole child were spared the hard labor and worked in the main household as a cleaner and servant.

Alas it is with sadness that we have to report that Krardblagh was killed in a cave-in following an extended gun battle between local security forces and the miners. Krardblagh’s wife was critically injured in the renewed troubles but survives. His daughter was safe inside the main residence and was protected by some of the other workers.

Their bonds have been cleared by von Shadow and they were transferred to a hospital on Cemiess for recovery and rehabilitation back into normal society.

Little is known of the early life of this CMDR who suddenly came to prominence following the Quivira War; fighting against the tyrannical Senator Patreus. Seemingly turning his back on the career that rose him to his current position.

Publicly now outspoken on slavery of all kinds it seems, until now, he’s willing to follow the radical and progressive path laid out by Princess Aisling.

Can this so-called royal be trusted? Will he seek opportunistic fame and fortune for a higher morality stance or is this just an illusion?

“Medupe City News” reporter Blaine Henig has reported that CMDR Highlightshadow has little background prior to the past 12 months and seems to have miraculously appeared with titles, property and personal assets totaling in excess of 2/3Bn Credits seemingly out of thin air…
Following a recent article, Blaine claimed to have received libel threats from the office of the Commander for publishing unsolicited quotes. Citing an anonymous source involved in a heated discussion in a bar in Medupe City;
“…… Aisling is obsessed with public opinion. But leadership has never been about popularity ………. Reality is easy. It’s deception that’s the hard work.”

Rumors suggest that this Commander is playing multiple angles and that Princess Aisling has dispatched Assessors to bring him in for questioning due to one of his ships, the Anaconda; HSF Vendetta, being spotted in a shipyard in HIP 35246 having work done on the ships transponder code. This could suggest that he has switched sides.

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