A Message to the Citizens of the Empire – Special Announcement from King von Shadow


** From the Office of King von Shadow (aka CMDR highlightshadow) **
18th October 3301

A message to the Citizens of the Empire

Dearest Citizens of the most noble Empire. Today is a day of great blessing and joy. We elevate one of our most honourable leaders and Senators to be our Emperor, both a leader and a teacher.
King von Shadow wishes all citizens and guests on Capitol a glourious day of celebration and renewed hope that we can overcome adversity and make the Empire great.

It is however, not without cost and vigilence. We all saw, felt and were deeply moved by the untimely passing of our great Emperor Hengist, despite ill health stood firm and proud at the head of our system.
For that, I now would ask you all to spare a moment of contemplation for that which has gone. But also rejoyce that we now have a leader of great integrity, fortitude and justice; who will stand for all that is true to the Empire.
I would therefore ask that you all take comfort and celebrate today that our Empire can do nothing but strengthen.

King von Shadow alas could not attend the ceremony today, instead choosing to show true dedication to the Empire and to protect and serve all that we are today by fighting on the front-lines in the ongoing war against our foe, the so-called “Emperor’s Dawn”
Make no mistake, Citizens, these people are terrorists and would choose to disrupt and tear down our great Empire. Therefore von Shadow was humbled to be granted a brief audience with the new Emperor a day ago and has sworn to uphold and defend her in all that she does.

To that end, he expressed his wish to lead his own squadron on the front lines in honour of Emperor Arissa and bask in her greatness from his flagship, the HSF Vendetta. Many lives on Capitol and all Imperial systems will be saved by the action of this Commander and Citizen
and would therefore ask that you all spare a thought and wish good fortune and good hunting to the men and women; Citizens all of the Empire, in the Imperial Navy. They fight for all our futures, today and always.

Long Live Emperor Arissa – Bask in her Greatness

Peace, hope and prosperity to us all
King von Shadow

  • Originally published October 19th 3301

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