Aisling Duval Declared War on Felicia Winters


Breaking News! Vice-Lord Andariel Valaquenta has declared war on Shadow President Felicia Winters on behalf of the Prismatic Imperium and Aisling Duval. Prismatic Imperium is spearheading an attack using the Thirteenth Legion, Branch of Vigor. Several allied forces including Aisling’s Angels and Achenar Immortals are rumored to be joining the Thirteenth Legion. CMDR Nightshady, Prismatic Imperium war hero, is leading the operation.

Federal media networks criticize Andariel for his previous attacks on Winters calling it treachery and dishonesty. It is clear Winters intends to retaliate against Aisling Space.

“Now he gets to bring such inspired, intelligent ‘guidance’ to the Prismatic Imperium? Be warned that Andariel carries with him a poisoned chalice of dishonorable conduct that is well remembered on this side of the fence, and he has the potential to put the flame to the house of cards [Aisling Duval]. He was a poor servant of Aisling’s interests back then, and he will continue to be if the drivel from the People’s Media is to be believed.” -CMDR Den Elton

With Andariel Valaquenta no longer answering to the Lord Ryan Family, his authority in the Prismatic Imperium is nearly limitless and his efforts in the campaign against Winters will go unimpeded by divided leadership. It is our expectation that he will have the war outcome he desires before the end of the year. March strong Vice-Lord Valaquenta and may the Emperor bless you in your campaign.

We will be giving you further details as we learn more. We are your voice in the Empire and the stars beyond!

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