Aisling’s 13th Legion Leader Legate Andariel Recovers


As of September 18th, 3301, Legate Andariel Valaquenta of Aisling’s 13th Legion has made a full recovery from his mystery illness. The Legate largely lost contact with the rest of the imperial entourage for the past three weeks, save for a brief appearance at the Prismatic Aurora art-show aboard Chelomey Orbital.

Official reports claim the Legate contracted an illness at the beginning of the month, while visiting the Imperial palace to pay his respects to the late Emperor, Hengist Duval. There have been various theories to what happened to Andariel, ranging from the Cerberus Plague, to attempted assassination by poisoning. The Legate was approached by Jesse Ladd, of The People’s Media, regarding heightened security, to which the Legate responded with his endorsement to boost the Quan-Tech Security System to its full potential.

In a short interview with The People’s Media, The Legate had this to say;
“I would like to apologize to my legionaries for my absence over the past few weeks, but my health was failing me to the point I thought I may not pull through. I do not want to say what caused my health to fail, but I will say I am on my way to a full recovery and I will be back in the cockpit in no time, fighting for Lady Duval. Thank you.”

We hope Andariel continues to see an upturn in his health, and continues to make a full recovery.

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