Andariel Leads the Prismatic Imperium


The Prismatic Council met last week to discuss the future leadership of the Prismatic Imperium should anything ill happen to Lord Corwin Ryan during his stay in Achenar. It has been decided that a member of the council be selected to fill Ryan’s position for the duration of his absence.

Legate Andariel Valaquenta of the Thirteenth Legion, Branch of VIGOR, has been selected for the position of VICE LORD and will be taking office immediately. Vice Lord Andariel nominated CMDR Nightshady to take his place as leader of the Thirteenth Legion.

The Prismatic Council is pleased with it’s decision and has received the blessing of CEO Kevin Massey, The People’s Media, Branch of MIND, CMDR Vickershaft, The Navigators Guild, Branch of SIGHT, CMDR Jeff Ryan and CMDR Alcubierre, Prismatic Imperium Party.

Not all were pleased with the change however as several Cubeo powers have declared war. It is expected that the Prismatic Party will only grow with the coming resistance due to the support from Princess Aisling Duval.

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