Chelomey Orbital Arena Hosts Spectacular Zero-G Show


‘This is Alica Mellor reporting for The People’s Media. I got to see the show myself! Lights, liquids, acrobats, and projected imagery turned this arena into an amazing display of colors and movement.’

Chelomey Orbital hosted the first performance of the Prismatic Aurora, an event sponsored by the Prismatic Imperium. The aquatic themed showfeatured large pools of suspended and illuminated water. Performers dressed with long ribbons drifted from one pool to another in a choreographed dance. The artists responsible for the display stated that the show represents a united people for the future of the Empire.

The audience in attendance were of various importance. Prismatic Imperium leader Lord Corwin Ryan was present with many of his guests including the well known Solomon Alcubierre who comes from a family of scholars, explorers, and renowned scientists, and Legate Andariel Valaquenta who leads the 13th Legion. CEO Kevin Massey and his chief security head Jesse Ladd were rumored to be seated as guests of Lord Corwin Ryan as well. Several pilots from the 13th Legion attended and had enthusiastic responses when interviewed about the show.

‘There was no way I was going to miss it. Although I bet you could see the lights and hear the music throughout the docks.’ -13th Legion Pilot

The Prismatic Aurora will be touring dozens of stations in Empire Space. Seating is limited but pilots are welcome to view from the outer observation ring for free. It is important to remember that gravity is greatly limited around the stadium and should be a concern for citizens sensitive to dynamic-orientation environments.

  • Originally published September 12th 3301

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