Code Affiliated Pilot Saves Party – “Captain Coward” Missing


This is Alicia Mellor reporting on an unusual story for The People’s Media!

Kremainn security forces picked up on a distress call from a stranded Orca several systems away. Captain Vagnor Amist, an unlicensed pilot, was carrying a full load of adventurous college students from a prestigious Imperial school. They were having a party among the stars. An unknown pirate affiliated with CODE interdicted the party tour and made a demand for submission to a cargo scan. After several minutes of waiting for a reply from Vagnor, the pirate deployed his hardpoints as a threat. Captain Vagnor cried “Abandon ship!” and jettisoned himself from the Orca.

“I was terrified when “Captain Coward” cried ‘abandon ship!’ and ran past us. He put the ship in lockdown and none of us could figure anything out! Worse part was we were no longer getting fresh oxygen and only some of the lights were working. My friends and I were trying to get the other ship to see we were in trouble but we couldn’t tell if he could see us!” -Class Representative Tricia Maine

Students desperately tried to make visual contact with the pirate through the tinted ports. The unnamed pilot began a forty-five minute operation to safely cut into the Orca in response to the visual distress.

The pirate was able to get the Orca stable again and sent a distress call to a near by system. Vagnor Amis had attempted to corrupt his personal data and rig the ship to self-destruct, thankfully failing in both tasks. After making contact with security forces, the unknown pirate boarded his own ship and took off.

Tricia Maine added: “I know the Kumo Crew are terrorists and CODE used to work with them. I didn’t think this guy was like them. When I found out he was CODE, I couldn’t believe it! I assumed they were all alike, but that guy was my hero!”

Captain “Coward” Vagnor Amis in his jettisoned cargo container has yet to be found. Kremainn security forces theorize the CODE pilot picked him up, a rather unfortunate fate for the cowardly captain.

  • Originally published August 29th 3301

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