Emperor’s Dawn Want War? Imperial Pilots Blockade Ports


GalNet News recently highlighted the connection between the Emperor’s assassination and a secret group known as Emperor’s Dawn. Perhaps not coincidentally, Emperor’s Dawn is hosting this week’s top galactic (community) goals which include gathering Combat Weapons, Toxic Waste, and Ceremonial Heike Tea.

A blockade has been started by CMDR Kouzmous of Aisling’s 13th Legion, aided by members of Aislings’s Angels.
Kouzmous had this to say on the matter: “It looks to me like these guys are preparing for war! Weapons for the troops, Toxic Waste for industrial sabotage, Ceremonial Tea for shady political deals? One thing’s clear, these guys are up to no good. We’re out here to spread the word about this, not hurt anyone. The commanders doing the community goals are mostly just out here to make a quick pile of CR, they’re not looking for a fight. We haven’t had to shoot anyone down yet, we’ve just sent them to deliver their cargo to other systems.”

Kouzmous also had this to add: ” We’ve seen a lot of Emperor’s Dawn activity out here. What strikes me as odd is that every last one of them we’ve scanned has come up as a wanted criminal. Even more intriguing is the fact that we haven’t seen them in anything but combat vessels. They don’t seem to have a single hauler or Type 6 to their name, but they got plenty of Sidewinders, Eagles, Vipers and even a few Anacondas. This is a pure military force! If I wasn’t scared of the implications before, I am now.”

Since Kouzmous initiated the blockade, Emperor’s Grace attempted a short but violent demonstration of firepower but was forced to retreat from the power of the blockade. Other Imperial pilots were encouraged to assist in the halting of transported goods.

CMDR Andariel, leader of the 13th Legion, supported Kouzmous while standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of The People’s Media political relations team saying: “This is fully sanctioned by the 13th Legion. Those traitorous dogs need to be wiped out. Nobody threatens Aisling and gets away with it. Not while I still have a breath in my body!”

  • Originally published August 26th 3301

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