Interview with Vice-Lord Andariel – War With Winters?


This is Alicia Mellor with The People’s Media, and today I am talking with Andariel Valaquenta, the new Vice-Lord of the Prismatic Imperium.

So my first question is the question on everyone’s mind, how does it feel being the new leader of the Prismatic Imperium while Corwin is indisposed?

“It feels pretty good. As many of you know, I gave up my position as Legate of the 13th Legion to take up this post, and I plan on giving it my full attention. My number one priority is to keep PI, as well as our favorite princess, from failing.”

How is the transition from Legate going? Have you cut all ties with the 13th?

“No, quite the contrary actually. I am still very much involved in the military aspect of the Prismatic Imperium. The only difference is now, I have the final say in what goes.”

Let’s talk about your new position then, what lead to you becoming Vice-Lord?

“Just before the protest that lead to Corwin’s imprisonment, the members of the Prismatic Council met to discuss what should happen in just such a situation. After a few days deliberation, a vote was cast and I was chosen.”

What are your goals for the future of the Prismatic Imperium?

“My first goal is to, hopefully, see Corwin released from his holding cell on Achenar, and to return to his post as Lord. I am not too keen on discussing other outcomes.”

Very well. There have been some rumors of tensions rising between the Prismatic Imperium and Felicia Winters, care to shed some light on the subject?

“Winters… Winters has been a bit of a thorn in my side for a while now. I am not going to lie, I would like nothing more then to see them fall. We are currently in talks with other Aisling Duval allied factions to see if we can make this dream a reality.”

So war with Winters should be expected?

“In short, yes. They are currently in the weakest position they have been in for a while, so now is the logical time to strike.”

Okay, final question, and this is being asked by a large number of people. You have been in the public’s eye for a while now, but not much is actually known about you. What is going on in your personal life? Is there a Mrs. Andariel?

“Haha, there really isn’t much to tell. For the past year, the 13th Legion has been my personal life. I can tell you that combat operations are not actually my forte. I went to Drevlyada University for Astrophysics & Cosmology, so my first love is exploration. I hope to embark on an expedition to the center of that galaxy sometime soon. As for your follow up question, no, there is not a Mrs. Andariel, but I have had my eye on someone for a while now. Hopefully now that I am not swamped with the 13th, I can pursue other things.”

She is one lucky lady. Best of luck with that, your new position as Vice-Lord, and your trip to the galactic center! This has been Alicia Mellor with The People’s Media.

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