Jesse Ladd Addresses Slavery in Cubeo


Although the local market of Imperial Slavery has been closed by Princess Aisling Duval supporters, corporations and public figures continue to pursue loopholes and illegal possession of unregistered slaves. The slave trade has gone underground as the demand remains high.

Jesse Ladd, Head of Security for the Prismatic Imperium Branch of Mind addressed Cubeo Space from The People’s Media campus saying,

“Our leaders work tirelessly. The Branch of Vigor fight battles against slavers, the Branch of Sight organize communities for rescued slaves, and the Branch of Mind fund and manage a large percentage of Aisling Media.
Regulations, penalties, and public speeches are not enough!”

Ladd outlined countless new anti-slavery programs along with statistics for the Aisling Media contribution to freed citizens. His closing statement was well received by networks pledged to Aisling Duval.

“To the independent pilots that pledge their allegiance to Aisling Duval, it falls on you to eliminate slavery in our jurisdiction! Destroy slavers and deliver rescued slaves to Chelomey Station where they will be given the freedom Aisling promised!”

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