Jesse Ladd Commissions for 40 Anaconda Warships


With the endorsement from the Prismatic Imperium, TPM Security Head Jesse Ladd commissioned Chelomey Orbital for a massive boost to his private defense fleet. Following the Cubeo assaults of trade ships on September 21st 3301, Ladd promised to use his own funds to strengthen the Quan-Tech Network to its full potential, even being humorous about his victory over the criticism from Cubeo First and the Purple Deeds.

“Now the children have ice cream, and if you love ice cream… You’re welcome.” -Jesse Ladd

The new anacondas will be painted with the Prismatic Imperium colors and TPM decals. They will be combat fitted and will be accompanied by the original viper fleet.

“The People’s Media has a graduating class of new security pilots this year. It will be great for them to learn how to fly the heaviest warships economically available. I for one am very pleased to see Ladd’s contributions to our studio. Cubeo is about to become much safer.” -CEO Kevin Massey

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