Jesse Ladd Faces Negative Response from Public


The controversial debate continues as Jesse’s private viper fleet integrates with Quan-Tech Security as an extension of The People’s Media. Cubeo III residence complain that the media center has no business policing in the vacuum of space.

“Ladd’s vipers are just a show of force!” says Patricia Margery, spokesperson of Cubeo First. “Just because he gained Imperial citizenship does not mean he should be free to build fleets to captivate his employers.”

Angry citizens made the connection to federalist behavior giving The People’s Media a warmongering image. Jesse Ladd responded with his continued argument.

“Give it a name and that’s what it becomes. Call my police force a fleet if you wish. I aim to use full measures of the Quan-Tech Security program so that I can protect the interests of The People’s Media, a job I do very well. Defense is my profession and I have no shame in using my rights as a citizen of the Empire.”

Aisling’s Guardians have been supportive of Ladd’s fleet patrolling Cubeo Space but had a surprising comment in light of the time of Empire Mourning.

“It’s rather unfortunate timing for Ladd. With the recent assassination of our Glorious Emperor and continuous attacks from false-flagging terrorists, Ladd couldn’t find a worse time to boost TPM defense with his own funds. His actions are a sign of his outsider status. He really just wants to rebuild the same stick he used to protect the Forculus system which worked out well for him in the Federation.” -Jovas, Aisling’s Guardians

  • Originally published August 9th 3301

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