Lord Corwin Ryan Released From Achenar


ACHENAR, The long-awaited trial of Lord Corwin Ryan of the Prismatic Imperium was held today in a closed senate subcommittee. Lord Ryan’s Prismatic Imperium led a peaceful protest days before the Emperor’s Coronation regarding the request of slaves as her coronation gift. Many other pilots pledged to Aisling Duval or sharing similar abolitionist ideals joined the protest at Dawes Hub. On the day of the coronation Lord Ryan submitted himself to Imperial authority regarding his own actions

The subcommittee statement said that it quickly dropped the charges of treason as ridiculous both in terms of the actions taken and the motivation behind them. The current actions of the Prismatic Imperium were taken into account. The Prismatic Imperium itself was fined a large, though undisclosed, sum for damages to the station, allied ships and goods. Lord Ryan was released from custody and is making his way back to Cubeo.

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