Prismatic Imperium Aims to Control Adelman Station


Following the story of Cubeo Purple Deeds LTD, their recent denouncement of the Prismatic Imperium has cost them their support in the system. The war continues with Cubeo Purple pressed against their home station. Jesse Ladd of The People’s Media addressed Chelomey station saying:

“I was ordered to stand down the first time and I did. I watched Purple Deeds try to take Chelomey, the very station that orbits our planet and houses my entire fleet. The first step in making Cubeo space safe is to crush the opposing powers in the system!

Cubeo belongs to the Prismatic Imperium and therefore it is only right that we control it’s star ports! Adelman Station will be ours!

At this moment I am directing the entire TPM fleet to assist in the capture of Adelman. I ask all local pilots to do the same! Give us Adelman and I will give you the Quan-Tech protection over all of Cubeo Space! Give us Adelman and I will ensure The People’s Media opens the door for the Prismatic Imperium to support our neighbor systems! It starts with Adelman!”

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