Prismatic Imperium Lift Defensive Restrictions – Supporting Ladd


With the establishment of Lord Corwin Ryan’s movement in the Cubeo System, one of the many questions raised was the Prismatic Imperium stance on domestic security. Kevin Massey spoke on Ryan’s behalf.

“The Prismatic Imperium have their own defensive system. The biggest concern was The People’s Media policing Cubeo space with Aisling’s Guardians. Unlike Aisling’s 13th Legion, TPM-Sec stays in Cubeo to defend TPM assets.”

After receiving the endorsement of Legate Andariel Valaquenta, TPM-Sec Head Jesse Ladd challenged the legitimacy of the criticism against his agenda. The recent polls show overwhelming support from the Prismatic Imperium. Ladd has been granted the right to boost the Quan-Tech Security System with his own private fleet with no further restrictions.

“I think it is good. It will allow TPM to be secure in their operations. It’s good for us as well as Aisling. It will help prevent future disasters, like the incident with RA.” -Legate Andariel

The majority of Ladd’s criticism came from Cubeo First, a party who recently lost all influence in the system. With the Prismatic Imperium now holding power, the local authorities have been implemented into the Quan-Tech network for database sharing. Today is a victory against the terrorists in Cubeo Space!

  • Originally published September 20th 3301

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