Prismatic Imperium Seeks A Change in Leadership


Lord Corwin Ryan, leader of the Prismatic Imperium submitted himself to the Achenar authorities early yesterday morning. His escort returned home baring a lengthy statement sealed with his signature mark. The statement included a contingency plan should the faction be temporary leaderless for longer than one week.

‘I am more than certain I will not return so soon regardless of the outcome.’, Lord Ryan wrote.

The Prismatic Council met this morning to discuss the future leadership. By Lord Ryan’s wishes, leaders are to be selected from one of the three PI branches. The candidates are as follows:
Legate Andariel Valaquenta -Thirteenth Legion, Branch of VIGOR
CEO Kevin Massey – The People’s Media, Branch of MIND
CMDR Vickershaft – The Navigators Guild, Branch of SIGHT

‘Whatever the outcome, the Thirteenth Legion will be the sword of the Prismatic Imperium. My pledge to my brothers and sisters will remain true.’ – Andariel

‘Lord Ryan is an symbol of greatness! Holding onto that, we know the Prismatic Imperium should not be left in the hands of divided opinions. It is in our best interests that the Prismatic Imperium experience a change in leadership.’ – Kevin Massey.

‘It is in the interests of The Navigators Guild that I remain focused on the foundations of the Prismatic Imperium through leadership in science, exploration, and education.’ -Vickershaft

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