Prismatic Imperium War on Cubeo Purple Deeds Ltd


The Cubeo system exploded with combat zones recently with the sudden rise of the Prismatic Imperium. Cubeo Purple Deeds LTD denounced Lord Corwin Ryan’s bold political agenda to unite the local population under his organization’s rule.

“Enough! Lord Ryan would have us abandon our Imperial principals for Aisling’s daydream of a future! People need the support of our traditions.”

Social Media suggests the Purple Deeds do not have the support they need to keep hold of their current influence over the Cubeo system. Purple Deeds Navy has taken heavy casualties in several conflict zones including the loss of their admiral in a skirmish over Cubeo III.

Aisling pledged pilots are encouraged to support the Prismatic Imperium in the war against Cubeo Purple Deeds LTD. Combat Bonds are available at Chelomey Orbital.



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