Renegade Lord Submits for Trial


ACHENAR, Lord Corwin Ryan of the Prismatic Imperium has turned himself over to the Emperor’s authorities today over his renegade acts last weekend. Lord Ryan led a peaceful protest in Achenar over the Emperor’s choice of ‘coronation gift’ with many pilots, including independent pilots, blockading the entrance to Dawes starport, interdicting traders and occupying landing pads in protest. The blockade’s effectiveness was limited by its peaceful nature, which many put down to Lord Ryan’s forceful leadership in keeping the more violent elements in line. Many were then surprised when Lord Ryan turned himself over to the authorities.

Legate Andariel of the Thirteenth Legion said, ‘Lord Ryan takes his position as both a leader and an Imperial Citizen very seriously. He found himself in an impossible position balancing honor, duty and loyalty. He felt the actions were necessary but it was up to the Emperor to judge those actions’.

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