The Navigator’s Guild Experiences Scientific Boom


Viscount Vickershaft is pleased to announce the the recruitment of five new intrepid explorer scientists into ‘The Navigators Guild’ today.

“As the head of The Navigators Guild I take great pride in the work we do for ‘The Prismatic Imperium’ and our noble lady, Princess Aisling Duval, as the Eye’s of the ‘Prismatic Imperium’ we strive to push back the veil of darkness surrounding our wondrous galaxy, be it through our deep space exploration programs or our efforts to locate and exploit high value resources. There is no greater feeling than jumping into an unknown system with the rush of adrenalin when the discovery scanner pings, bringing to life yet more wonders to explore”.

With the formalities of the recruitment ceremony at a close, Viscount Vickershaft sent forth an edict to be published throughout civilized space.

“The Navigators Guild is always looking for pilots to join our growing ranks. With the expansion of the ‘Prismatic Imperium’ we will be looking to commission more expeditions and this takes pilots. For those who take up this task I say this: There are many benefits to joining our Branch of Sight, from mining in wings to the organization of community goals. We will help our comrades and under the protection of the ‘Prismatic Imperium’ and the ‘13th Legion’ we will look to further our knowledge of the galaxy and maximize profit where and when we can.”

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