Cubeo III’s Most Controversial: THE MAN FROM FORCULUS


“The man from Forculus has no boundaries in Imperial affairs.”

It was only a year ago that Aisling Media announced that one of its many programs would branch off as an independent studio. CMDR Kevin Massey acquired the rights and founded The People’s Media on December of 3300. Within only months, his studio was operating as the largest media network on Cubeo III. Now, The People’s Media holds power over a third of the Cubeo system government and contributes nighty-two percent of the propaganda materials for Aisling Duval. With such great success Kevin Massey faces criticism from growing opposition. Who is Kevin Massey? Where did he come from?

Kevin Massey loves the political spotlight. He entertains for The People’s Media, not as a news anchor but as a public speaker and the face of the network. Often hosting on shows such as Cubeo Tonight and The Daily Chat, Massey is recognized by 128 million followers on a network that reaches 10 billion local viewers and trillions across the galaxy. Although his network does not compare to GalNet on a galactic scale, TPM impacts the daily lives of citizens and commercial businesses in Cubeo. But Massey’s borderline Federal origin remains a heated topic for discussion and his employment of federalist people and policies greatly controversial including the involvement of Solomon Alcubierre and his family.

For decades the system Forculus, an independent extraction economy next to Lwen and just outside the border of the Federation, was run by a notorious mob family, The Brothers of Forculus. Until the age of 45, Massey called Forculus his home, living on the poorly maintained Irrational Exuberance station for a majority of each year. Critics rumor that his level of financial success had to be connected to business with the mafia.

“I grew up surrounded by a criminal organization but that did not impact my daily life directly. There were other factions competing for power on the station and I took advantage of their opportunities.”

By July of 3301, The People’s Media established the Quan-Tech Security Network and hired Security Director Jesse Ladd, the former Chief of Security on Irrational Exuberance, Forculus, the system initially known for its chaos. Ladd was successful for breaking up The Brothers of Forculus and eliminating the local black market. On his first public day, Ladd stated “Forculus is on the road to stability because of my efforts to enforce my party laws.” Critics were again concerned as several figureheads from Forculus were driving The People’s Media, and by extension, The Prismatic Imperium.

Kevin Massey supported Ladd during the political backlash from building a private fleet to support the studio. By October 3301, Ladd had grown his fleet to over forty Anaconda Warships with the endorsement from the Prismatic Imperium and Legate Andariel Valaquenta. The news dwarfed the sixth month anniversary for The People’s Media. The majority of Ladd’s criticism came from Cubeo First, a party who then lost all influence in the system. With the Prismatic Imperium holding power, the local authorities were implemented into the Quan-Tech network for database sharing. But that’s not all Massey did that was controversial.

“The 13th Legion will not tolerate unwarranted aggression against our members, or members of the Prismatic Imperium and The People’s Media. Such aggression will result in swift and lethal justice.” –CMDR Nightshady

The People’s Media initially funded the creation of Aisling’s 13th Legion. Some could say that Kevin Massey’s news studio controlled a military that rivaled Aisling’s Guardians. Until the official rise of the Prismatic Imperium, The People’s Media and the 13th Legion were two sides of the same coin. Legate Andariel Valaquenta was a major contributor to TPM and so it was no surprise that the studio supported him leading the combating force. At present, the 13th Legion holds another third of the Cubeo system government. If Massey still has strong ties to the now independent 13th Legion, does he theoretically hold two-thirds power over the Prismatic Imperium?

“ATTENTION ALL PILOTS! The People’s Media takes great pride in the Quan-Tech Security Network and its affiliated assets. The network coverage extends over all Prismatic Agents and is recognized by Imperial Law.
Assaulting a TPM or Prismatic Agent is an offense punishable by death. The 13th Legion will be dispatched to eliminate all offenders at the discretion of the response wing. You have been warned.
Pilots looking to better serve their princess can enlist in the 13th Legion today. Please direct all concerns of the Quan-Tech Initiative to The People’s Media, your voice in the Empire and the stars beyond.”

With the growing power of the Prismatic Imperium over Cubeo and the success of The People’s Media riding on its back, Kevin Massey is directly involved in every political affair in the Empire. From the conflicts in Lembava, the earliest assaults on Emperor’s Dawn, to the announcement of war on Felicia Winters, Kevin Massey had a voice in it. And when Lord Corwin Ryan, leader of the Prismatic Imperium, turned himself in for treason, Massey was one of the three candidates for succession. His studio is also very militaristic and supports even the most hostile of actions by the Prismatic Imperium and its branches.

Today, The People’s Media reaches across the Empire as a large distributor of media. It has connections with the Federation and several independent organizations. Rumors even say TPM personnel are protected by CODE because of some of its publishing on the network according to several disturbed parties. It all but destroys any minor factions or people who denounce it. Kevin Massey is clearly holding all the strings and all the cards. Is he a Federal sympathizer? Is he a genius mobster? And the biggest unanswered question of all, who was the anonymous contributor who donated over 850 billion credits to fund Massey’s TPM security? Whether you love him or hate him, Massey is the most controversial person on Cubeo III.

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