TPM Investigative Report Survives Attack – Part 3 Special


This is Alicia Mellor reporting for The People’s Media!
Our investigative reporter, unknown to Ashes, is in fact a Combat ACE having a large number of confirmed kills against other pilot federation fighters and is incredibly adept at assessing the situation. He’s continually been a “Tier 5 Combat Operator” ­ scouting and working behind enemy lines and undermining our enemies from within.

Being ‘wanted’ in enemy territory is a ‘normal day at the office’ for reporter, [CENSORED], sometimes even being on several local GalNet news reports as a ‘Top 5 Most Wanted’ and… He has obviously never been killed in combat. What’s even more amazing though, is he has never lost a ship either. Why do you think we have him as an investigative reporter AND value his life so dearly? He’s an asset to our team, an expert at ascertaining a situation, gathering facts and data, and for all intents and purposes incredibly adept at the controls of a ship.

What is his take on the events that transpired with the Reign of Annihilation group? What is his opinion? How did it really go down? I’m here, interviewing him to get all the nitty-­gritty details. ­

ALICIA: AshesofHegemony came out on public news networks and claimed to have killed you; to have blown up our ship. Obviously the Viper is sitting in the hangar, actually looking none­to­worse for wear. There’s only minor carbon scarring.

REPORTERX: *chuckling* That’s not how it happened at all. I have the ship’s logs to prove it. I had videos as well, I always record my engagements, but let’s just say the cause of the carbon scoring also happened to fry the videos. It was a rather anticlimactic event after what Ashes and his boys tried to do.

ALICIA: Wait, if it wasn’t the engagement that damaged the ship, then what did?

Stay tuned for more on this investigation!

  • Originally published August 8th 3001

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