TPM Investigative Reporter Survives Attack – Part 4 Special


This is Alicia Mellor reporting for The People’s Media!

ALICIA: “If it wasn’t the egagement that damaged the ship, then what did?”

REPORTERX: “See? I knew you’d try to get me into trouble with Ladd!” laughing out loud again, while drinking an expensive coffee drink that smells an awfully lot like Kitten Brand Coffee mixed with Lavian Brandy.

“It’s simple.” He then puts one had through his thick hair while also taking another sip of his coffee, smiling to himself. “I installed a fuel scoop in exchange for some of the SCBs to try and make it home sooner. I just have an inherent lack of ability to actually SCOOP from stars… and kinda burned up the ship a bit in the process. It’s also what fried the video recording camera and data, which were attached to the nose of the viper.”

Is he actually blushing?

ALICIA: “So you obviously didn’t get killed, and we’re all happy you’re back. AND the ship seems okay too. We have the flight logs, but what happened, in your own words?”

REPORTERX: “Well, it’s all there in the logs, I don’t really want to cloud that up. But yeah, I guess I can try. I was tasked with gathering information on Princess Aisling’s supposed sub-group, Reign of Annihilation.”

ALICIA: “Wait, what do you mean “supposed sub-­group?”

REPORTERX: He started to rub his hand through his hair again, and leaned towards me, “Look, I’m not one for these interviews. I’m not the best at speeches or talking in general . I just enjoy scouting, gathering data, and if need be, defend myself. The rest of it is all because it’s what I’ve been tasked with. It’s my SWORN DUTY. So when I make a claim of “supposed sub-­group,” putting his fingers in the air melodramatically, “take it with a grain of salt. I’m not exactly the most diplomatic. I just feel anyone who fires on me that claims to be with our Princess, is anything but a terrorist group.”

ALICIA: “HOLD ON A MINUTE! They fired on you, is what you’re claiming, and we have proof of that. And now you’re also claiming they’re a terrorist group?!”

REPORTERX: “Yeah… I’m not good at these at all. Look, it’s in the logs they fired on me. And yes, I believe anyone who draws same­faction people out, wings up with them, talks and jokes with them, then proceeds to interdict and try to blow up that pilot… is a terrorist. When it’s more than one, it’s a terrorist group. Simple.”

ALICIA: “You’re right, you’re not good at the whole diplomatic thing are you?”

– Originally Published August 13th 3301

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