TPM Strengthen Viper Fleet To Accomodate Ladd’s Warships


Alicia Mellor here LIVE giving you the newest report!

Jesse Ladd’s gift of 40 Anaconda warships is a massive blessing of over 10 billion credits in 400 ton, 152 meter destroyers. The People’s Media has since matched that number in outfitting making each ship worth a total of 500 million a piece. That is 20 billion credits worth of firepower. WHOA! The studio agrees that this is a worthy investment of the leftover donation funds for the Quan-Tech Network.

“It is only right that we spend additional funds to protect these new assets. I am approving the purchase of twelve new vipers for each anaconda. That is an additional four hundred and eighty fighters.” -CEO Kevin Massey.

These warships have been painted with the Prismatic Imperium colors of white and greens and are ready to serve alongside our media freighters. Does Cubeo First have any comments for us? I think not! With the combined support of the Prismatic Imperium and The People’s Media, Aisling’s Guardians have more reason to believe Cubeo is a safe place to be!
This has been Alicia Mellor with TPM! I send my blessings to Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval on her coronation today!

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