War Unites The Empire


Long known for repeated infighting, the Empire strongly united this past week under the banner of war. Initiated by the Prismatic Imperium and spear-headed by the 13th Legion, PI Branch of Vigor, forces from across all powers of the Empire came together in a joint military operation against Felicia Winters of the Federation.

In addition to the Prismatic Imperium’s 13th Legion, pilots loyal to Aisling Duval included Aisling’s Angels. Representing A. Lavigny-Duval were the Achenar Immortals and Lavigny’s Legion, while Denton Patreus contributed pilots from the Black Knights. Further, independent Imperial pilots from across the Empire joined in the offensive, including the 51st.

The campaign involved a massive push to undermine Winters systems with wings hitting multiple systems at once across several days. In the end, thirty-seven systems of Winters’ hit the undermining trigger, but only one of those systems was not adequately fortified to to withstand the effort. This led some to question the success of the operation. The operation leader, CMDR Nightshady, had this to say –

“Of course I would like to have seen more systems successfully undermined, but there is little we can do to prevent their system fortification. You’re missing the real success of this operation. The
Empire came together as one united force, something we have never seen before. That is the victory here, and it’s more powerful than a thousand successfully undermined Federation systems.”

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