DING DONG! The Mafia is at Your Door! Wake Up People!

Birge_News_Jan17BIRGE BROADCAST: Public Announcement
Ding Dong! The Mafia is at Your Door! Wake Up People!
Looks like my articles are finally getting off the ground in Cubeo III. Could this be because people are finally tuning in to THE TRUTH? People, come on! Look at the recent news! Security Extremist Jesse Ladd is now the Prismatic Fleet Overseer? Well, just put a crown on him already and stamp ‘Terrorist!’ to your own face!
Listen people, the mafia is at your door ringing. They come in many shapes and today, it is taking the form of a private fleet and a compromised security network called Quan-Tech. Don’t be fooled by Ladd’s heroism!
Have you been to Forculus lately? Jesse Ladd was the security extremist in Forculus too. Yeah, Irrational Exuberance is a clean and simple little station colony now ONLY BECAUSE THEY JUST FINISHED MOPPING UP THE BLOOD that Jesse and his goons spilled wiping out The Brothers of Forculus!
So here is the story! Jesse Ladd, an ex mall cop who authorizes the killings of suspected criminals and their families, uses ice cream to bribe his way into the governing house, the Prismatic Palace! I’m not going to keep my mouth shut any longer. The P.I. is about to get blindsided by a villain of Shakespearean proportions!
I am Antony Jakob Birge! Followers, if you are tuning in, remember…
I am the Birge Broadcast! I am the Fourth Branch of Government! I will not be silenced! I will not let Jesse Ladd, the ice cream man, label me as a criminal or a terrorist! Wake up!

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