Jesse Ladd Takes Office as Fleet Overseer of Prismatic Imperium

TPM_News_Jan14Today marks an unprecedented move in Prismatic Imperium political ascension. Jesse Ladd leaped above the three Branch leaders to take office as Fleet Overseer. He now serves directly as a member of the Prismatic Palace and the House of Ryan. Jesse Ladd accepted his new position saying,

“Quan-Tech is larger than The People’s Media! When I fought against terrorists Cubeo complained that my policies were similar to the Federation’s. When I captured Adelman Station Cubeo complained that I had no right as a servant of the Branch of Mind.
Well now that has changed! Regulations, penalties, and public speeches will never be enough!”

As Fleet Overseer, Ladd has removed all limitations on his use of the Quan-Tech Security Network that defends Cubeo Space. He now directs all of Prismatic Imperium security outside of the 13th Legion.

“As my first act as Overseer, I demand we clean up our internal mess. Even if we lose influence to Patron’s Principles in the coming weeks, I advise the elimination of any P.I. operative that is dealing in illicit business. Yes, I am asking you to destroy clean criminals pledged to the P.I.

Better we build an honest organization than become the corruption we worked so hard to replace!”

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