13th Legion Announces Anti-Alien Contingency, Operation: “Ripley”


Imperial intelligence services report that an encounter or invasion of civilized space by Thargoids is not only possible but likely imminent.

“The 13th Legion is charged with the defense of Imperial space, and recent events indicate that our greatest threat may not come from CMDR pirates or enemies. We must be prepared for anything,” said Lord Commander Nightshady.

Operation: Ripley was designed by the 13th Legion as an immediate counter-assault to any Thargoid invasion. If, or when, a Thargoid encounter is confirmed within civilized space, Operation: Ripley would be broadcast as ‘initiated’ across all media channels.

At that time, all Imperial pilots with any type of combat (or light reconnaissance) vessel would be called upon to immediately proceed to a designated rally point near the ‘ground zero’ contact system.

From that location, the 13th Legion would immediately launch stealth reconnaissance ships into ground zero to gain intelligence, while combat wings are formed and organized for imminent launch of the most massive combat armada in history.

“If a Thargoid invasion does occur, the 13th Legion is bound by duty to lead the charge, but victory will not be possible by our hand alone. The survival of the Empire will require the dedication and bravery of all pilots who call Imperial space home to prevent our extinction.”

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